• Fill out this form to register for an opportunity to receive a free Paramedic Network paramedic refresher registration code. Deadline to register: May 31, 2019

  • By clicking the “Submit” button below, I certify that I work for an Ohio EMS agency that serves in whole or in part a rural area of Ohio. I understand that I will be placed in a pool with other paramedics that are also similarly qualified through which a system will be used to randomly choose from all the applicants so that a total of 150 will receive a free, non-transferrable registration code for a paramedic refresher course delivered by the Paramedic Network and The Paramedic Foundation. I understand that The Paramedic Foundation will determine the specific method by which paramedics will be chosen randomly and agree to hold The Paramedic Foundation, Paramedic Network, and the Ohio Department of Public Safety Division of EMS harmless in regard to the specific method used and the selection of individuals who will receive the free registration code.

    The tuition support for this program is HRSA-funded through the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant Program.

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